Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take a Minute to Think.

Reverse your thoughts, trade them to memories.
Listen to your hopes despite your minds treachery.
What can be done to make things concrete?
Don’t give up now; don’t admit defeat.
Time is one your side.
This lesson must be learned, don't run and hide.

Take your chances now,
Let your fears subside.
The darkness is no excuse.
We are all on your side.

Picture a purpose; engrave the strength to go on.
Take your shot; aim right, swing strong.
You will be happy in the end.
We will all still be friends.
The impact will go away sooner or later.
Water dries up, and the opponent is no fighter.

Take your chances now,
Let your fears subside.
The darkness is no excuse.
We are all on your side.

See now the collision has happened,
This joke has begun.
No harm, there is no foul,
Everyone is smiling as planned.

Shake off your worries to the aftermath.
There was nothing wrong with going down that path.
Even the opposition has made known his cheer.
Well let him get back at you so all is fair.
Enjoy the time you were meant to have tonight.
And realize the perfection of this all, of this plight

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Wonder is she knows what I Know.

She's never known, just how lovely she really is.
If only I could tell her what my heart yearns to spill.
To leak, to pour out into the air.
Flow like our blood streams rapidly though her heart and mine,
Through our souls and feed the spirits, that sustain us.

"Flawless, impeccable, and radiant.
Loving, smart, and so resonant.
Inside and out, there is without a doubt,
nothing comes close to you."

This camera captures her soul, lets it shine, let her shine.
The angles and lighting don’t matter, all of her dimensions glow (gorgeous).

"Flawless, impeccable, and radiant.
Loving, smart, and so resonant.
Inside and out, there is without a doubt,
nothing comes close to you."

Until now, this is the day I will sing her the truth

“I’m listening, yes I’m here. Sing the song and I’ll sing along,
To these words you’ve always meant to.
To leak, to pour, out into our atmostphere.
Yes, I’m here. Yes we’re here. There is no fear.

"Your smile has no flaws, and science...
Your eyes defy the laws. Puts the world in pause.
To the beauty of the beast there are no claws.
The curve of your body is immaculate and pure,
And your heart is unmatched forever-more."

She is beautiful. You are beautiful.
"Don't play a fool, what I sing is no fiction.
Smile to these words, smile with the truth...
Take it to heart. Goodnight."


Monday, October 18, 2010

I want it ALL

"Being happy is something you have to learn. I often surprise myself by saying "Wow, this is it. I guess I'm happy. I got a home I love. A career that I love. I'm even feeling more and more at peace with myself." If there's something else to happiness, let me know. I'm ambitious for that, too"

Friday, October 15, 2010


I stumbled across this song a while ago and luv da joint. Lloyd did his thing on this one. I feel alot of women should listen to this. Cause it seems as like thats the only type of women that are out here now. Hurt, Lost, Lonely, Low-Self Esteem..ect. But ladies its good dudes out here. I mean everyone ain't perfect its up to you to find the one's issues you can deal with the most. Same for ALL dude who try and act like they dnt got feelings...Fellas we got em, we just dnt like showing them and thats cool. Admit to it and move on. <-----jus a quick blog i threw together 

I will be getting these Wed. man i cnt wait.

Im Wishing On a Star

Your bright eyes can breaking a heart.

Ain't nothing you can do but hope you won’t tear em apart.

Five years since I learned what love can do, if that’s what u call it.

Let me enlighten you of the verb formally known as truth.


No one will ever really know who they are.

Only make waves and wonder if it's gone too far.

If you're waiting for the day you'll be yourself.

Think again, it's just not good for your health.


If they said I wanted you so bad, would that be so bad?

Won't it make you sad to wonder what if you had?

The last thing I learned, you can't change someone.

I promise I'm not trying to lull you with every strum.


But I am trying to prove to you it can be worth a shot.

Who cares if it can destroy both worlds or not?

I know you’re worth every fiber of your being.

And I'd like to learn it all this evening.


Here goes nothing:


I remember the first sight of You,

I recall your first words to me.

Your laugh never stops ringing in my ears.

Your smile destroys all of my fears.

If you'll just let me I'll remove the painful years,

Replace them with kisses and lowered cheers.

All of my glances and my dagger stares,

Are compilations of love and self dares.

Hell, you know this isn't some sneer.

Just a boy, showing a girl he's sincere.


The truth about it all, is that we don't choose the outcome.

We put in the hands of a higher power and hope we've won.

It's Russian Roulette, except with our hearts instead of a gun,

Fighting Fear with a Iron Shield

Yes, the answer is yes.

I'm surrounded in a world of a mess.

And I must confess,

I couldn't care less.

Apathy will progress,

and love won't possess me right now.

I was told to never cross my chest,

told never to stress,

about anything wearing a dress.

I did and im still doing my best,

but til I'm laid to rest,

My mind will be a guest if that is even true,

to an abyss of hopelessness.

Romanticism and fantasy,

they say are nonsense.

And this, with the human race,

I will contest.

There's not much difference,

between love and lust's decent.

One dies and the other is blessed which one is which, well that’s up to you.

So Again I Say

Yes, the answer is yes.

Apathy doesn't denote absence,

of a heart beneath this vest.

It's just cloaking the abundance,

hiding my crest.

A seal that reads "amour semper fidelis".

Yes, you're under arrest.

You'll never know, you'd never guess.

You're a mess too, don't stress mon Beau